ASOS Is Sending People Giant Jeans

ASOS Is Sending People Giant Jeans

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ASOS has been sending customers jeans made for giants.

When 20-year-old George Riggall, from Leicester, ordered a new pair of jeans with a 32-inch leg, he was in for a shock when his order arrived.

The denim looked very different to the online description.

Even stranger, was the fact his extra long jeans actually said they had a 32″ leg on the label.

Speaking to, he said: “These jeans wouldn’t fit anybody, it’s nearly impossible to have a 30″ waist and 45-50″ legs”.

To make matters wildly more confusing, Riggall isn’t the only ASOS shopper of late to have experienced the ‘giant jeans’ phenomenon.

The Huffington Post UK contacted ASOS for comment and a spokesperson explained it all.

“The ASOS Super Skinny Stacker jeans are a new menswear style which are cut longer than standard length to allow a gathered effect at the ankles,” they said, adding that they’d “enjoyed the pics posted by customers”.

Still confused? Here’s how to wear them.

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